Friday, September 18, 2015

Menu for an autumn weekend at Lake Como

On Holiday in autumn in Italy? Here what to eat and drink, do not miss them!

Do and don't during your Lake Como vacation

What to do and don't while You are on holiday at Lake Como

Lake Como Holiday to discover

During your lake como holiday, You can discover your ...

Friday, July 17, 2015

Your Lake Como vacation can be ...

1. riding the waves

Lake Como by: JohnPickenPhoto

2. flying on the waves

Hydrofoil by: Floris Oosterveld

3. driving in light blue

DSC_3786.jpg by: Luca Casartelli

4. going up to touching the sky

Pigra - above Lake Como by: Charlie Dave

5. wet

Annemarie in Lake Como by: Andrew and Annemarie

6. having good vibrations

Private show on Lake Como. Yup, that rhymes. by: Matt Kern

7. searching for adventure

Juliette & Jonathan-24 by: John Hope

8. never alone ;)

IMG_0733 by: Michael Costa

always, wonderful. 

Have a good vacation on Lake Como!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A visit to Expo 2015 Milan

Are you thinking about going on holiday in northern Italy between May and October? Do it! There is an event you cannot miss. It is a huge, unique event. Participate in more than 140 countries all around the world. There will be food, design, architecture, sounds, flavors, colors. What is it? 3 words: EXPO Milan 2015.
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6 things to see in one day in Milan

Are you on holiday in Lombardy and you don't want to miss any of its attractions? With a bit of organization, you can do it! Dedicate a day to the city of Milan.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Holidays in Italy with your dog

Holidays in Italy with your dog 
Dogs are great travel companions. They love exploring new places, they never complain and they are always happy when you're with them. Some dogs just don't like staying in a car. It could happen that they feel very frightened because of a bad experience in the past. It will take a long time to accustom the dog to enter the vehicle. Make it always a positive and enjoyable experience. The first times continue reassuring him and rewarding him. Do everything very slowly, let him get used to being in the car every day. Start the engine and let him familiarize with the noise. Finally, do short trips gradually lengthening the journey. Your dog perceives your attitude and your emotions and he is affected from them. Keep you always calm and positive while driving. This will help your dog to feel good and safe during the trip.
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Perfect holidays with your family in Italy

When planning your holiday in Italy keep in mind the age of your children. Their interests change with growth. Your vacation should meet the needs of all. Choose from the many activities available, the ones that suit your preferences. If you travel with pre-school children, they will love to spend a day in one of the many theme parks as Mirabilandia, Gardaland, the Mini-Italia or in a water park. If your children are older, they'll probably enjoy sports activities in the mountains or water sports. Search for a destination that allows them to socialize with peers. Remember: Give them a few moments of freedom within safe spaces.
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Monday, October 06, 2014

Expo 2015 Mailand

Expo 2015 Mailand

In Mailand findet die Expo 2015 statt – in der Nähe des Comer See - idealer Aufenthaltsort für Besucher/Urlauber. Ein grosses Angebot an komplett ausgestattete Apartments, Ferienhäuser und Agriturismo-Hotel finden Sie bei HOLIWAY-Feriendomizile.

Expo 2015 Weltausstellung Mailand

Die Expo 2015 findet vom 1.Mai bis 31.Oktober 2015 in Mailand statt, unter dem Motto „Den Planeten ernähren – Energie für das Leben“
Die Comer See Region ist ganz nah an der Expo Milano 2015 - nur 40 km von Como. Der Lago di Como ist die von Mailand am nächsten gelegene Urlaubs-Region – und kann der ideale Aufenthaltsort für Besucher dieses einmaligen Events sein.

Expo 2015 ideale Unterkünfte finden

Von Ihrem zentralen Ausgangspunkt Comer See haben Sie ideale Anreisemöglichkeiten zur Expo 2015 Milano - es sind nur 40 km. Machen Sie es wie George Clonney & Co. geniessen Sie den Flair des Urlaubsparadies Comer See/Lago di Como und wohnen Sie komfortabel individuell in einer Ferienwohnung – übrigens im Vergleich zu einem Hotel bis zu 50% günstiger!